Dear Santiago Baca, I am Tyriese Freeman and I attend the London Nautical School in Waterloo, South London. Recently my enthusiastic English teacher Mr. O’Brian shared one of your personal poems with us. We read the poem ‘Who understands me but me’. I like this poem as you express deep and personal thoughts on what […]

The difference between binge of Wellpenit and Reardon makes him an outsider because when he was at Wellpenit he could be his self because he knew he had no future. He’s an outsider at Reardon because everyone is white but here he is Indian. Also people at Wellpenit think he is a sellout because it […]

This chapter on Enders game is about ender hating himself. The reason for this is because while confronting a boy behind him continuously hitting Enders head behind a chair Ender caught his arm and broke it. Ender hated himself for this and started to remorse upon his actions. 

”Blow winds of raged anger! Blow winds of raged anger Unleash your anger upon me. You have killed many with your raged horns. Your horns sharp as Satan’s pitchfork As well as a tail as long as the devil. Take my life. My life not deserved As I betrayed my most true And loyal daughter. […]

Personification and imperative

Blow winds, and cracks your cheeks! Rage blow is personification because the wind don't have cheeks to blow. It is also personification because he says the word 'yourimplies that the wind is a person although the wind is not a person.
Imperatives are orders. They do not have pronouns. e.i  Sit down Thomas.
Personification is when you give an inanimate objects human characteristics. e.i. The trees danced.
Shakespeare presents King Lear as mad by using personification and imperatives. I can tell because while King Lear is gazing at the top of the cliff he orders the wind/storm to seriously injure him or even kill him. 

Rumble thy bellyful! Spit, 
fire Spout, Rain. This is 
personification because King Lear is implying that the thunder rumble sounds like a hungry persons belly 
rumbling. Then again the 
thunder cant spit fire.

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 Se13 1HA France (Marseilles) Dear Cordelia I am writing to inform you that I am very sorry and disappointed with my decision to rid you of your land. Now that Regan and Goneril have teamed up and overthrown me it is only now I have realized  that I was foolish in not giving the biggest […]

King Lear King of all Gods: I’m am destined for death. It is due in a short while. So I have therefore decided to hold a battle. Cordelius, Reganeleus, and Gorilla you shall battle against each other for supremacy and land. The 2 people that lose will ultimately die.The victor shall gain the land and […]